The Peanut Belt Rural Planning Organization (PBRPO) is comprised of two committees, the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC).

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of county elected officials from Bertie, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton Counties, a municipal elected official from each of the counties, and the NC Board of Transportation members from NCDOT Divisions 1 and 4.  TAC establishes goals, priorities, and objectives for the PBRPO, reviews and recommends changes to comprehensive transportation plans, reviews and approves the annual plan of work, and prioritizes transportation improvement projects for submission to the NC Department of Transportation.

TAC Committee Members (as of November 10, 2021)

  • Tammy Lee, Chair, Bertie County Representative
  • Charles R. Tyner, Vice Chair, Northampton County Representative
  • Geneva Riddick-Faulkner, Alternate, Northampton County Representative
  • Vacant- Northampton Municipal Representative
  • Vacant- Alternate, Northampton Municipal Representative
  • Vernon Bryant, Halifax County Representative
  • Linda Brewer, Alternate, Halifax County Representative
  • Vacant-Halifax County Municipal Representative
  • Andre Lassiter, Hertford County Representative
  • John D. Horton, Alternate, Hertford County Representative
  • Hal Thomas, Murfreesboro, Hertford County Municipal Representative
  • Henry Nuss, Harrellsville, Alternate, Hertford County Municipal Representative
  • James Peele, Powellsville, Bertie County Municipal Representative
  • Vacant- Alternate, Bertie County Municipal Representative
  • Allen Moran, NCDOT Division 1 Representative, Board of Transportation
  • Melvin Mitchell, NCDOT Division 4 Representative, Board of Transportation

Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) provides technical expertise and recommendations to the TAC.  Members of the TAC include county manager, planners, economic developers from Bertie, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton Counties, NCDOT Division 1 Directors and statewide staff, and the Executive Director of the Choanoke Public Transportation Authority.

TCC Committee Members (as of October 25, 2021)

  • Allen Castelloe, Chair, Windsor
  • Tony Brown, Vice Chair, Halifax County Manager
  • Juan Vaughan, Bertie County Manager
  • Steve Biggs, Bertie County EDC
  • Traci White, Bertie County Planning
  • David Cotton, Hertford County Manager
  • Kelly Bowers, Herford County EDC
  • Charles Freeman, Ahoskie
  • Carl Pierce, Alternate, Winton
  • Sara Turner, Herford County GIS & Planning
  • Chris Rountree, Halifax County Planning
  • Dia Denton, Alternate, Halifax Deputy Manager
  • Cathy Scott, Halifax County EDC
  • Kelly Traynham, City Manager Roanoke Rapids
  • Vacant- Northampton County Manager
  • Franklin Williams, Northampton EDC
  • Vacant- Northampton County Municipal Rep
  • William Flynn, Northampton County Planning
  • Pam Perry, Choanoke Public Transit Authority
  • Sterling Baker, NCDOT Division 1 Engineer
  • Kevin Bowen, NCDOT Division 4 Engineer
  • Liam Hogan-Rivera, NCDOT TPD

TAC and TCC meet jointly on the third Thursday in the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November at alternating locations within the region or as matters arise that require action.  Please click here for the meeting schedule for 2022.